Updating Online Program

Hi Folks,

We’re happy to announce this year’s upcoming #SMSociety schedule is finally out, and can be found here! The printed version of the programme will be going to the printers next week.

We’ve noticed that the abstract information did not automatically show up on Easychair for WIPs/posters, so if you don’t see an abstract next to your WIP paper or poster in the online program, it will need to be added manually. If your abstract needs to be updated, please follow the instructions below:

To begin, login to Easychair and select “SMSociety19” to set your role as “Author“.

Then, click “Program“:

To edit your submission, click the magnifying glass under “View or Edit” :

Then, click in the blank space next to “Abstract” :

Add a short abstract (1-2 sentences) describing your work as this will be shown in the online conference program.

We also encourage you to upload other conference related materials such as slides of your talks to the online program on EasyChair.

We look forward to seeing you in July!