How to Submit Paper or Poster to #SMSociety 2024 

The 2024 International Conference on Social Media & Society (#SMSociety) invites scholarly and original submissions that relate to the broad theme of Social Media & Society. We welcome both quantitative and qualitative work which crosses interdisciplinary boundaries and expands our understanding of the current and future trends in social media research. 

For 2024, #SMSociety uses Microsoft Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) to manage your Paper and Poster submissions. The CMT system will serve as the central hub where you can also check on your submission status, review submissions from your peers and contact Conference Chairs.

Creating/Signing in to a CMT Account

Step 1

Go to to log in or register as a new CMT user. 

Step 2

If registering for the first time, click Register and fill in the appropriate information. If you are associated with a university or research institution, we recommend using your corresponding email address. This email address will be your login for the CMT system.

Step 3

After creating your account, you will be taken to a Conference List page. 

To access the designated submission page for #SMSociety, follow this URL:

Submitting a Paper or Poster

Step 1

Selecting the #SMSociety conference page will take you to your Author Console. The Console acts as a dashboard to check submission status and edit or withdraw your submission.

Click the Create new submission drop-down menu and select your desired track. Then choose either the Paper or Poster Track. (Please note that as the person submitting, you will by default be considered by the system as the Primary Contact.)

Step 2

The Primary Contact fields will automatically be populated with your login information. 

Step 3

To add Co-Author(s), enter their email address. If they are already in the system as registered CMT users, their information will automatically populate the fields. If they are not registered, please fill in the corresponding fields. 

Unregistered Co-Authors get notified they are co-submitting to the conference. 

Step 4

Select the most appropriate Subject Area. This will help the Conference Chairs to assign expert reviewers to your submission. Please note you can only select one Subject Area per submission.

Step 5

Questions 1-5 make up the body of your Extended Abstract submission. Please note that you will NOT be uploading a PDF version of your Extended Abstract. 

Pro Tip: Since the submission form does not permit saving a draft submission, we suggest that you draft answers by making a copy of this Submission Template to prepare your answers and then copy & paste your responses into the CMT submission form’s respective fields. Once you are ready to submit, simply click the Submit button in the CMT. You will be able to edit your submission up until the submission due date (see the conference website for more details regarding the due dates).

Step 6 

After submitting, you will be presented with a Submission Summary.

Step 7 

From your Author Console, you can perform several actions after submitting, such as editing or deleting the submission.