#SMSociety’22 Day 3 – Conference Digest

Hello #SMSocety attendees!

Welcome to Day 3 of the conference! We have two excellent workshops planned for today (see below). You don’t need to pre-register to attend them. Just check your time zone and use the same Zoom link from Day 1 & 2 of the conference.

1.     The Early Career Scholars Workshop which will start in less than an hour at 10am(EDT) is organized by Zachary J. McDowell, University of Illinois at Chicago; Jenna Jacobson, Toronto Metropolitan University; Andrew Iliadis, Temple University; Kelley Cotter, Pennsylvania State University; and Shaheen Kanthawala, University of Alabama.  

The workshop also features a panel of the established scholars who will share their insights and experiences:

  • Andre Brock, Georgia Tech
  • Caroline Haythornthwaite, Syracuse University
  • Sarah J. Jackson, University of Pennsylvania
  • Bill Dutton, University of Southern California

2.     The next workshop on Social Network Analysis for Social Media Research will start at 1:30pm(EDT). This session is organized by Felipe Bonow Soares, Toronto Metropolitan University; Deena Abul-Fottouh, McMaster University; Anatoliy Gruzd, Toronto Metropolitan University; and Alessandro Zonin, Socioviz.

To fully engage with the content of this workshop, please install/setup the following programs on your computer (it’s not requited but recommended):