#SMSociety’22 Day 2 – Conference Digest

The SMSociety conference is off to a great start! If you missed any live sessions from Day 1, we will share the recordings with all registered attendees next week.

We look forward to seeing you online during the second day of the conference. Please use the same Zoom link that you received from Eventbrite when you registered for the conference. If you need any technical help, contact us at [email protected]

Day 2 Highlights

Day 2 features a number of interesting hands-on tutorials, a workshop on TikTok, and a panel on Platform Governance. And of course, the highlight of the day will be the keynote address by Ethan Zuckerman on “The Good Web”. Check out the full schedule here.

5-min Spotlight Talks

We also invite you to support #SMSociety peers by watching their spotlight videos and providing feedback via YouTube’s Commenting feature. You can search and browse the list of 154 pre-recorded 5-min spotlight talks, grouped into 9 broad tracks here:

#SMSociety on Twitter

Another way to engage with the #SMSociety community is via Twitter. Don’t forget to add the conference hashtag #SMSociety to your tweets. We will choose the winner using the betweenness centrality score from Social Network Analysis to locate the attendee who acts as a bridging agent in the #SMSociety communication network on Twitter between July 18 – 31, 2022.