How to submit 5-min video presentation


Prepare a 5-min video presentation to highlight your study and results. We suggest using a video conferencing app like Zoom to record your presentation. These video conferencing apps allow you to record your screen (presentation slides), your webcam and voice at the same time. With these apps, you can also invite multiple authors to present together.

Here are some tutorials on how to use Zoom to record your presentation:

Giving PowerPoint Presentations on Zoom

Recording Video & Presentations with Zoom:

How to use Zoom to give a PowerPoint presentation:

Step 2: UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO (*by June 20, 2022*)

Once your video presentation is ready, save it on your computer first and then use the link below to submit your video file to us. [Note: the deadline to submit your 5-min video presentation has passed.]


On the first day of the conference (July 18, 2022), all pre-recorded and submitted videos will be released simultaneously via our YouTube channel and promoted across our various online accounts for the biggest impact. Your video upload will constitute a presentation at the 12th International Conference on Social Media and Society. All videos will be on display until August 31, 2022.

During the conference, we will also share links to each video via the conference Twitter account using the conference hashtag #SMSociety.

Step 4: Q&A

During the conference, we will invite the SMSociety community and the public to watch your presentation and post their questions in an asynchronous fashion by using YouTube’s commenting feature. All comments will be auto-filtered by YouTube and manually reviewed by our team to avoid spam. We encourage you to check for any questions about your presentation and reply using YouTube’s commenting feature as well.

OPTIONAL: Sign up for 1-Minute Lightning Talk

To stimulate additional interest in your recorded video presentation, we invite you to sign up for one of four 1-Minute Lightning Talk sessions scheduled during the conference. Signing up for a 1-Minute Lightning Talk is optional. If you sign up to present, you will be asked to prepare a quick and concise, 1-minute oral version of your presentation. In addition, we will feature the link to your full 5-Minute presentation during the session so interested attendees can see your presentation in its entirety and comment with questions if they have any. Use the same form to upload your 5-Minute video and sign up for one of the 1-Minute Lightning Talk Sessions.[Note: the deadline to sign-up for a 1-min live presentation has passed.]