1-Minute Lightning Talks

What is a 1-Minute Lightning Talk? 

A 1-Minute Lightning Talk is a great way to get creative and put your knowledge-translation skills to the test! It’s a short and sweet version of your pre-recorded 5-minute conference video presentation. Think of it as a way to stimulate interest and direct more attendees to your 5-minute pre-recorded presentation. 

How it Works

  • Signing up to give a live 1-minute Lightning Talk is 100% optional. 
  • We will have four 1-minute Lightning Talk sessions over the first two days of the conference. If you would like to participate, choose one that best fits your schedule. 
  • If you sign up to present, you will need to prepare a concise, 1-minute oral version of your presentation. 
  • During the session, we will feature the link to your full 5-minute presentation, so that interested attendees can see your presentation in its entirety and comment with questions if they have any.
  • Papers with multiple authors must choose one presenter from the co-authors to deliver their paper as a 1-minute Lightning Talk. 

Sign-Up Instructions

  1. Sign up at this link for a time slot of your choice. Note: This is the same form that you will use to upload your 5-minute pre-recorded video presentation.
  2. To accommodate multiple time zones, there are 4 time slots available over the first two days of the conference. 
  3. Sign ups will close on June 20, or when slots are full. 
  4. You will receive a confirmation email confirming that you have signed up to participate in this optional event.
  5. One week before the conference, we will send out the order of presentations and Zoom link.

What to Expect During a 1-minute Lightning Talk Session:

During the session, the moderator will put up a single slide with a list of all presentations scheduled for that session. 

  1. The moderator will be responsible for cuing the beginning and end of presentations.
  2. To ensure the timeliness of the session, when the timer is up, the moderator will orally signal “Time is up” and mute the microphone of the presenter and then invite the next presenter to start.
  3. During the session, the moderator will provide a link to an online schedule where the links to the pre-recorded 5-min presentations are listed.
  4. There will be no Q&A during 1-minute Lightning Talks. Attendees will be encouraged to add their questions in the comment section of the pre-recorded presentation on YouTube.
  5. Attendees are encouraged to clap and show support for each other using reactions and the chat feature in Zoom. 
  6. There will be an award for the best presentation in each session, to be judged by attendees of that session via a Zoom poll.
  7. Missed presentations will not be considered for awards. The winner for each session will be announced at the end of the conference. 

Presentation Tips

  • “Lightning” refers to the speed and length of the presentation – it should be quick and short. 
  • There are no visual aids for 1-minute Lightning Talks
  • Focus on the key points of your paper and leave out the specific details. 
  • The goal is to get people interested in your research so that they will watch your full 5-minute video presentation.
  • Write out your presentation and practice – practice makes perfect! 
  • Feel free to do your 1-minute presentation sitting or standing up, just make sure to test the position of your camera and microphone during your practice run to find the optimal placement.