#SMSociety 2020 Conference Digest – Day 3

Morning Coffee Reception at #SMSociety (Copenhagen, 2018)

Hello #SMSociety attendees!

Welcome to Day 3 of the conference! Information to help you plan your day:

1) Engagement Stats on YouTube

It is great to see high levels of engagement across all digital platforms used during this year’s virtual conference: YouTube, Twitter and the conference website. Just on YouTube alone, we’ve received over 4,000 views with nearly 10,000 minutes of viewing time. Considering that on average, each video is only 5 min long, this number is impressive. The spotlight talks have also received over 200 comments.

In case you’re interested, the current top three talks with the greatest number of views *thus far* are:  

… and many other papers are not far behind in terms of the number of views and engagement. So, keep watching and engaging with the authors via the Commenting feature on YouTube.

2) Certificate of Attendance

If you need a certificate of attendance, please email us at [email protected] to request one. We will be happy to email you an e-certificate, but be sure to comment on at least 5 talks presented at the conference to confirm your participation.

3) Collect you Conference Swag

The 2020 conference swag is a free 3-month PRO license to Communalytic, a new research tool designed to collect, analyze and visualize public data from Reddit. Collect your swag in two easy steps: 1) create an account on Communalytic and then 2) use this online form to activate the account.  

4) Engagement Awards

As a reminder, we also have two Engagement Awards to be announced on August 1 via our Twitter account and the conference website:

  • Most Engaging Presentation Award – The presentation with the greatest number of comments and replies on YouTube by July 31, 2020.
  • Most Engaged Attendee on Twitter Award – Following the interdisciplinary nature of the conference and the “Diverse Voices” theme of this year’s conference, we will choose the winner using the betweenness centrality score to locate the attendee who acts as a bridging agent in the #SMSociety communication network on Twitter between July 21 – July 31, 2020. To win, all you need to do is to tweet and engage early and often using the conference hashtag #SMSociety! Here are #SMSociety past winners with this title: Adam Worrall @adamworrall4 (2019), Wasim Ahmed @was3210 (2018), Ann Pegoraro @SportMgmtProf (2017), Christoph Lutz  @lutzid (2016), Jeffrey Keefer @Jeffreykeefer (2015)! Feel free to tweet at them and ask for tips!

5) Keep in Touch on Twitter and Mailing List