2019 #SMSociety Schedule:

Information for Presenters and Moderators

Accepted Workshops & Panels

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WorkshopsCOSMOS – Democratising Access to Twitter DataLuke Sloan
WorkshopsDetecting and Analyzing Social Bots with Open Source ToolsAmir Karami
WorkshopsDid you give permission? Critically Engaging the Mobile Data EcosystemJennifer Pybus and Mark Cote
WorkshopsEarly Career Scholars WorkshopJenna Jacobson, Jeff Hemsley, Jaigris Hodson, Zachary J. McDowell and Karen Louise Smith
WorkshopsIntroduction to Social Media Network Analysis with NodeXLWasim Ahmed, Alex Fenton and Marc Smith
WorkshopsLinking Social Survey and Social Media Data: Value, Data, Disclosure & PrivacyLuke Sloan, Anabel Quan-Haase, Dhiraj Murthy and Grant Blank
WorkshopsMining Text, Survey, Twitter & RSS DataStuart Shulman
WorkshopsUsing web browsing history data to study social media useEricka Menchen-Trevino and Chris Karr
PanelsCanadian Perspectives on Privacy and Trust -- Now and ThenJanis Goldie, Sara Bannerman, Angela Orasch and Leslie Regan Shade
PanelsConnected Seniors: Practice, Attitude, and Well-Being Enabled by Social MediaGuang Ying Mo, Zack Hayat, Barry Wellman, Shelia Cotten, Esther Brainin, Anabel Quan-Haase, Molly-Gloria Harper, Travis Kadylak, Jessica Declercq, Ora Nakash, Sarah Abu Kaf, Michal Cohen and Efrat Neter
PanelsDisclosing sexual violence via MeToo and the formation of digital intimacies, privacy and trustKaitlynn Mendes, Rachel Lond-Howes and Jessamy Gleeson
PanelsTrust & Mistrust in Wikipedia: Evaluating information and information policiesZachary McDowell, Matthew Vetter and Jonathan Obar

Accepted Full & WIP Papers

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WIP Papers“Deep Trouble”: Understanding the Problems of Deepfakes through News Media CoverageJacquelyn Burkell, Chandell Gosse and Marta Kopp
Full Papers“Like” My Coworkers: Organizational Socialization and Workplace Relationship Development using Social MediaLei Vincent Huang
WIP Papers“Posting is the new asking for it”: Support for Scholars Coping with Online HarassmentShandell Houlden, Jaigris Hodson, George Veletsianos and Chandell Gosse
Full PapersA Case Study in Belief Surveillance, Sentiment Analysis, and Identification of Informational Targets for E-Cigarettes InterventionsLourdes Martinez, Ming-Hsiang Tsou and Brian Spitzberg
WIP PapersA Mediation Model Linking Social Media Use, Self-Objectification, and Self-EsteemZena Toh Toh and Jessica Covert
Full PapersA Socio-Informatic Approach to Automated Account Classification on Social MediaLaurenz Aldu Cornelissen, Petrus Schoonwinkel and Richard Barnett
Full PapersA Tweet is Not Just a Tweet: public sector understandings and analysis of social media customer service dataJessamy Perriam
Full PapersAgainst "Sentiment"John Paolillo
WIP PapersAge-appropriate privacy? Social media privacy literacy and behavior across the life courseKelly Quinn and Dmitry Epstein
WIP PapersAn Exploration of Employee Brand Equity on InstagramDonna Smith, Jenna Jacobson and Janice Rudkowski
WIP PapersAn exploration of interorganizational trust in social media platform partnershipsDonna Smith and David Nieborg
Full PapersApplying an Integrative Model of Behavioral Prediction to Sharing Sexual Images of Oneself OnlineZhiying Yue and Michael Stefanone
Full PapersAssessing the Stability of Tweet Corpora for Hurricane Events Over Time: A Mixed Methods ApproachEstella Xin, Dhiraj Murthy, Nandhini Lakuduva and Keri Stephens
Full PapersAsymmetric Polarization on Twitter and the 2018 Brazilian Presidential ElectionsFelipe Bonow Soares, Raquel Recuero and Gabriela Zago
WIP PapersBacks Against the Wall: Networked and Hybrid Framing of the Executive Order Protests, Immigration Reform, and #NoBanNoWall on TwitterChad Van De Wiele
WIP PapersBot politics on Instagram: Rethinking ‘fake’ engagement in the attention economyVictoria O'Meara
Full PapersBots By Topic: Exploring Differences in Bot Activity by Conversation TopicKurt Wirth, Ericka Menchen-Trevino and Ryan Moore
WIP PapersBoundaries between playing and working on social mediaDamien Renard
Full PapersBreaking News and Younger Twitter Users: Comparing Self-Reported Motivations to Online BehaviorKenneth Joseph and John Wihbey
WIP PapersBritish universities’ brand communication on Chinese social mediaYimei Zhu
WIP PapersCascading Inaccuracies on Tumblr: Technological Affordances, User Actions, and Digital ActivismSarah Woloschuk and Anabel Quan-Haase
Full PapersChange Others’ Beliefs Online: Online Comments’ PersuasivenessLu Xiao and Taraneh Khazaei
Full PapersCharacterizing Susceptible Users on Reddit’s ChangeMyViewHumphrey Mensah, Lu Xiao and Sucheta Soundarajan
WIP PapersChilling Effects of Profiling Activities: Exploring the Consequences of Big Data-Driven SurveillanceChristoph Lutz, Shruthi Velidi, Aurelia Tamò-Larrieux, Moritz Büchi and Eduard Fosch Villaronga
WIP PapersComparing Twitter Use by a Government Organization and State Watchdog Institution for Environmental Regulatory Governance ActivityMadeleine Martin
Full PapersConcepts Clarification and Differentiation between Smartphone Addiction and Compulsive Internet Use based on diagnostic investigation on two scalesZinaida Adelhardt, Stefan Markus and Thomas Eberle
WIP PapersCultural ecosystem service delivery in dykelands and marshes using Instagram: A case of the Cornwallis (Jijuktu'kwejk) River, Nova Scotia, CanadaYan Chen, Camille Caesemaecker, Tuihedur Rahman and Kate Sherren
WIP PapersData Privacy and Public (Dis)trust of Institutions: Early Discourse of the US Consumer Privacy Regulations on TwitterJeeyun Baik
WIP PapersDesigning a Mobile Crowdsourcing Application Prototype to foster Shared Responsibility in a CommunityChei Sian Lee, Hamzah Osop, Dion Goh and Sei-Ching Joanna Sin
WIP PapersDetecting Coordinated Political Message Diffusion Amplification during the 2018 U.S. Senate ElectionsNara Yoon, James Eakins and Jeff Hemsley
WIP PapersDisclosing personal information on social media – The interacting role of trust in service providers and online-specific fear of missing outSina Ostendorf, Lena Kölmel and Matthias Brand
WIP PapersExamining Expression in the Virtual Public: The Ethics of Harvesting Online Discussions for Research PurposesJacquelyn Burkell and Priscilla Regan
WIP PapersExamining human decision making factors toward wildfire evacuation using TwitterAtsushi Nara, Nana Luo, Sahar Ghanipoor Machiani, Alidad Ahmadi, Ken Tominaga and Ming-Hsiang Tsou
WIP PapersExamining IRA Bots in the NFL Anthem Protest: Political Agendas and Practices of Digital GatekeepingAnn Pegoraro, Grace Yan and Nicholas Watanabe
Full PapersExamining social media use by immigration agencies in Canada: privacy, quality and effectivenessMaria Gintova
WIP PapersExplaining the Privacy Paradox with Privacy Cynicism: Scale Development and Structural Equation ModelChristoph Lutz, Christian Pieter Hoffmann and Giulia Ranzini
WIP PapersExtending the extremes: a survey of factors that amplify extreme speech in political discourses on Indian TwitterAnmol Panda, Lia Bozarth, Han Zhang, Mugdha Mohapatra, Sunandan Chakraborty and Joyojeet Pal
WIP PapersFacebook data: how much do people share, how much do they care, and for how much do they sellRenate Schubert and Ioana Marinica
WIP PapersFacebook, female victims, and social media evidence in sexual assault trialsFanny Ramirez and Vincent Denault
WIP PapersGender, Party, and the Kavanaugh Nomination: American State Legislators on TwitterJames Cook
Full PapersHow Communication Style Shapes Relationship Boundary Regulation and Social Media AdoptionXinru Page, Reza Ghaiumy and Bart Knijnenburg
WIP PapersHow it Actually Works: Creator Imaginaries of the YouTube Algorithm as Recursive GovernanceThomas MacDonald
WIP PapersHow Social Media Interplays with Personal Network Structure and BoundariesMolly-Gloria Harper, Barry Wellman and Anabel Quan-Haase
Full PapersIn News We Trust? Examining Credibility and Sharing Behaviors of Fake NewsMichael A. Stefanone, Matthew Vollmer and Jessica Covert
WIP PapersIndigenous Avatars: Implications For Online and Offline Cultural Engagement and Cultural ParticipationOmolara Odulaja
WIP PapersInsta-Humanitarianism: An Ethnographic Content Analysis of Instagram Posts from a Humanitarian Aid Organization.Joel Johnson and Robert Mittelman
WIP PapersLearning to Use Social Media as A Professional: An Analysis of Online Content Regarding Professional Use of Social Media for NewcomersLei Vincent Huang
WIP PapersLongitudinal Online Profile Sampling – A Method to Measure Macro- and Micro-Level Changes in Self-Ascribed IdentityJason Jones
WIP PapersMake new friends, but keep the old? University student social media use and friend networksVanessa Dennen, Lauren Bagdy, Hajeen Choi, Demetrius Rice and Ginny Smith
Full PapersMālama Honua Worldwide Voyage: An Enduring Event Facilitating Momentary Connectedness via Transnational PublicsMargaret Pulver and Dan Suthers
Full PapersMeasuring Ease of Communication in Bipartite Social Endorsement NetworksMorteza Shahrezaye, Orestis Papakyriakopoulos, Juan Carlos Medina Serrano and Simon Hegelich
WIP PapersMobile Phones + Social Media = Classroom Tools? Learning through two distractive technologies in the high school settingVanessa Dennen, Stacey Rutledge and Lauren Bagdy
WIP PapersNonmonogamy Online: Comparing Content and Structure of Polyamory and Swinging Communication over Social MediaJames Cook
WIP PapersOff the grid: exploring Instagram marketing practices across space and placeLouise Ryan
WIP PapersOnline pre-election campaign by polls and likesKsenia Tsyganova and Dmitri Tsyganov
Full PapersOverwhelming, Important, Irrelevant: Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Reading among Older AdultsAnne Oeldorf-Hirsch and Jonathan Obar
WIP PapersPublic or scholarly engagement? Investigating who shares climate research on TwitterRémi Toupin, Stefanie Haustein, Florence Millerand and Vincent Larivière
Full PapersReframing Current Debates on Young People’s Online Privacy by Taking into Account the Cultural Construction of YouthTom De Leyn, Ralf De Wolf, Mariek Vanden Abeele and Lieven De Marez
WIP PapersResponding to self-disclosure in an online discussion forum for people living with cancer: a discursive approachOlivier Turbide, Maria Cherba and Vincent Denault
WIP PapersRwanda’s loans Agreements for development : A double-edged swordTumukunde Ibrahim
Full PapersSame Same But Different: Changes in Social Media Practices Over TimeBeata Jungselius and Alexandra Weilenmann
WIP PapersScholarship Reconsidered: Examining New Scholars’ Social Media PracticesChristine Greenhow, Bret Staudt Willet and Holly Marich
WIP PapersSentiment and network analysis of Twitter reactions to the U.S. birthright citizenship ban controversy: A preliminary examinationAna Ndumu, Adam Worrall and Lynette Hammond Gerido
Full PapersSharing Personal Health Information On Social Media: Balancing Self-presentation and PrivacyYuting Liao
WIP PapersSocial media and the American political campaign: A tetradic analysis of the 2008 and 2016 presidential campaigns in the United StatesErik Gustafson
WIP PapersSocial Media in Education – A Structured Review and SAP-LAP ModelIrameet Kaur
WIP PapersSocial media shaping good citizens: Citizenship norms and their consequences on political participation among heavy social media usersPablo Porten-Cheé, Louise Jørring, António Valentim, Laura Leißner, Martin Emmer and Emilija Gagrčin
Full PapersSocial Media Use in High School Settings: Rules, Outcomes, and Educational OpportunitiesVanessa Dennen, Stacey Rutledge and Lauren Bagdy
WIP PapersStill Not Dead: An updated analysis of the Russian Facebook Advertisements prior to the 2016 US electionBarbara Tarter and Stephen Catt
WIP PapersStrategic techniques for qualitative sampling online – a review of social media monitoring tools towards new approaches for qualitative sampling onlineSuay Melisa Ozkula and Paul J. Reilly
WIP PapersStruggling for recognition: lifestyle influencers work to shape their professional activityAlice Audrezet and Hicham Sebti
WIP PapersThe Cambridge Analytica effect: Shifting privacy frames among social media usersDmitry Epstein, Kelly Quinn and Brenda Moon
WIP PapersThe emergence of Libyan networked publics: social media use in post-uprising LibyaSukaina Ehdeed, Jo Bates and Andrew Cox
WIP PapersThe expert in the debate: Mapping scholarly contributions to the 2018 Australia Day debate across social mediaAxel Bruns, Jean Burgess and Kim Osman
WIP PapersThe Hidden Cost of Connectivity: The Nature and Impact of Online Harassment Among Scholars in Higher EducationChandell Gosse, George Veletsianos, Jaigris Hodson and Shandell Houlden
WIP PapersThe Language of Outrage: Defining and communicating outrage and incivility via social media during the Charlottesville ProtestsBridget Haina and Shakuntala Rao
Full PapersThe Rise of Germany's AfD: A Social Media AnalysisJuan Carlos Medina Serrano, Morteza Shahrezaye, Orestis Papakyriakopoulos and Simon Hegelich
Full PapersThe Sensitive Period, Big Vs, and the Diaspora: A Brief Account of “#MeToo” in ChinaJinman Zhang and Nadia Caidi
WIP PapersThe Times of Their Lives: How Youth Manage and Negotiate Their Visual Selves in and Through TimeMichelle Gorea
WIP PapersThrough an open source browser window: Interventions for networked privacyKaren Louise Smith
WIP PapersTo Post, or Not to Post: Cross-National Analysis of Self-Censorship on Social MediaElizabeth Dubois and Julia Szwarc
WIP PapersTrends in Trust: Measuring Americans’ Expectations for Trustworthy Research Use of Social Media DataJessica Vitak, Katie Shilton and Sarah Gilbert
WIP PapersTwitter Activity at Recent LIS Research Conferences: An Inner-Disciplinary Comparison and Discussion of Future Research OpportunitiesDan Albertson
Full PapersUse of social media as an educational tool: Perspectives of Mongolian university educatorsUugangerel Bold and Borchuluun Yadamsuren
WIP PapersWhat characterizes communication within echo chambers on Twitter? An empirical analysis of the communicative content shared within an echo chamber in the climate change-debateDaniel Lundgaard
WIP PapersWhose data is it anyway? Doing ethical social media research in the age of dataficationPaul J. Reilly and Suay Melisa Ozkula
WIP PapersWhose privacy? How “user” shapes messages about digital privacyClara Hanson
WIP PapersWhy are We Distracted by Social Media? Examining Reasons for Distraction by Social Media, its Relation to Personality and Distraction SituationsChristina Koessmeier and Oliver B. Büttner

Accepted Posters

Posters#ad on Instagram: Investigating the promotion of food and beverage productsRebecca Reagan, Sonia Filice, Sara Santarossa and Sarah Woodruff
Posters#NoMoreCraptions & #WhyISign: How Deaf Social Media Users Engage with HashtagsConor Lake
Posters#RIP: Death, data-capture, and the afterlife of FacebookWade Keye
Posters#WhyIDidntReport: Characterizing Twitter Disclosures of Sexual Assault and Justifications for Not ReportingTsz Hang Chu and Tien Ee Dominic Yeo
PostersAdolescent female athletes on, with, and through social media: investigating the construction of “female athletic identity”Danica Vidotto
PostersBilingual Analysis of Online Hotel Reviews: A Case StudyWu He, Yang Yu, Xin Tian and Wenzhuo Li
PostersBridging the Open Web and APIs: Alternative Social Media Alongside the Corporate WebJack Jamieson
PostersChina in Africa: the outsized influence of Western media on public sentiment in development debatesChristopher Stevens
PostersDetermining the level of Influence of Social Media on the Academic Performance of StudentsSunday Agholor, O. A. Agholor and D. O. Aborisade
PostersDeveloping a mixed methods approach for analysing interactions on FacebookJennifer Hamilton and Diane Rasmussen Pennington
PostersEarly Internet MemoriesKatie Mackinnon and Dillon Black
PostersEasy data, usual suspects, same old places? A systematic review of Digital Activism research between 1995-2019Suay Melisa Ozkula and Paul J. Reilly
PostersEmailpocalypse: Trolling in academiaYimin Chen
PostersEnhancing quality of content on Stack Overflow - a preliminary analysis of SO commentsSubhasree Sengupta and Caroline Haythornthwaite
PostersExamining the Moderating role of Social Media Use on the Associations Between Popularity and Psychological Adjustment in AdolescenceKaitlin Flannery, Anna Vannucci and Christine Ohannessian
PostersExploring E-petitioning and Twitter Behavior in We the PeopleCatherine Dumas
PostersFrom Secret Gatherings to Encrypted Chats in Social Media: A Study on the Recruitment and Growth of Extremist Network in South-AsiaArif Khan, Muhammad Rabiul Hasan and Shahadat Uddin
PostersGetting around Social Media Algorithms: A Study of Social Media ProfessionalsMaude Gauthier
PostersGive Boys a Shot: Examining Reddit Discussions on Male HPV Vaccination Using Machine LearningTsz Hang Chu, Youzhen Su, Fei Fan, Sai Wang and Tien Ee Dominic Yeo
PostersHaving fun finding AEDs: Gamifying the crowdsourcing of AEDs on a mobile applicationAnran Hao, Chee Wah Wesley Tan and Chei Sian Lee
PostersHow to change a running system?! A sociological view of challenges and actor constellations in IPv6 Deployment.Melanie Wilde
PostersImagining Local Communities: Social Media and the Integration of the Ukrainian Diaspora in CanadaOlga Boichak and Priya Kumar
PostersInstagram Spam: Teens, Finsta, and the Portrayal of One’s True SelfLauren Bagdy, Stacey Rutledge, Vanessa Dennen, Anthony Boucher, Catherine Cosgrove, Tristan Cravello, Kristian Diaz, Emma Jo McAuliffe, Shannon McWaters and Caitlin Violette
PostersIs social media use the factor causing decline of traditional media credibility?Weiying Shi and Hongzhong Zhang
PostersKeeping Streaks and Doing It for the Gram: Undergraduate Students Participation in their Most versus Least Used Social MediaEnilda Romero-Hall, Renata Sindicic, Erika Petersen and Linlin Li
PostersLocation Sharing: Women Respond to Trust; Men Share to Connect with OthersPaul Russo and Jeancarlo Bonilla
PostersLooking at a Social Media Platform through an Informatics Lens: A Trial and Error ApproachJohn D'Ignazio
PostersMore than what meets the eye: An evaluation of Olympic and Paralympic athletes' Instagram posts.Fallon Mitchell, Sara Santarossa and Paula van Wyk
PostersMultiple media use and organizational sources for co-worker friendships, organizational commitment, and employee flourishingLiping Liu
PostersRemixing the Right to Be Forgotten with Canadian YouthKaren Louise Smith and Meara Hurtig
PostersSelf-esteem, Narcissism and Social Media Activity: How do they affect each other?Lili Fejes-Vékássy, Márton Engyel and Adrienn Ujhelyi
PostersSelf-harm and Social Media: A case of YouTube Comments on Deliberate Self-harm VideosMuhammad Abubakar Alhassan, Diane Pennington and Ian Ruthven
PostersSelf-promotion motivations for social media use and social adjustment to universityTakara A. Bond, Natasha Parent and Jennifer D. Shapka
PostersShall We Meet? Towards Computer-Mediated Trustworthiness in its Different PhasesAngela Borchert, Nicolás Díaz Ferreyra and Maritta Heisel
PostersSharing Non-fiction Narrative Podcasts: How Podcast Users Engage in Network-Produced vs. Independently-Produced Content on TwitterSarah Louise Pratt
PostersSignature Feature Analysis of E-petitions that Successfully Promoted Voices for Minorities and WomenZhuozhi Shao, William May and Teresa Harrison
PostersSocial media challenges: surveillance dynamics and body idealsLauren Gurrieri and Jenna Drenten
PostersSocial paleontology on Twitter: A longitudinal case study of network composition and attributesLisa Lundgren, Richard T. Bex Ii, Jennifer E. Bauer and Kent J. Crippen
PostersSpatiotemporal Analysis of Diet and Exercise on TwitterAmir Karami, Alicia A. Dahl, George Shaw Jr., Gabrielle Turner-McGrievy and Hadi Kharrazi
PostersTeens, social media, and belonging at school: Group memberships and intersectionsVanessa Dennen, Stacey Rutledge, Lauren Bagdy, Vanessa Oduro, Sophie Rhoads and Brandell Theard
PostersThe Effects of Chronic and Situational Desire to Engage in Social Media on the Ability to Block Out DistractionsChristina Kößmeier and Oliver B. Büttner
PostersThe perception of LGBTQ influencers on Social Media: YouTube AnalysisStephanie Sabala
PostersThe Role of Social Media and Smartphone Use in Social Adjustment to UniversityNatasha Parent, Takara Bond and Jennifer Shapka
PostersThe use of social media in health care: A review of reviewsLyndsay Foisey, Lorie Donelle, Anita Kothari, Richard Booth, Anabel Quan-Haase and Molly Harper
PostersUnderstanding online communities surrounding non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) through conversations and common properties among authorsJory Fulcher, Sarah Woodruff Atkinson and Sara Santarossa
PostersUnderstanding Users’ Perceptions of the Design of a Mobile Crowdsourcing Platform for Finding Trafficked ChildrenChei Sian Lee, Dion Goh, Hang Guo and Quan Zhou
PostersUsing Interpersonal Communication Strategies to Engage Lay Audiences in Science Conversations on Social MediaCurtis Martin and Bertrum MacDonald
PostersWho Follows You: Do People of Color Show Their Brand Trust by Their Follows on Instagram?Nigel Joseph, Jihyeong Son and Vicki McCracken
PostersWho is Anonymous? A sample of 4chan usersBree McEwan and Selena Cotte