2016 SMSociety Conference Digest #3

Hope you had a productive day today at the conference, learned something new and had some great conversations!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for the registration/coffee reception at 8:30am in the basement level (-1) of the Professor Stuart Hall Building (PSH). This is the building where we had our workshops today.

If you are presenting poster tomorrow, please drop it off at the registration desk before 2pm. Our volunteers will set it up for you.

Schedule-related Notices:

1) Cancellation: Panel 2B which was scheduled for 13:30-14:30 on Tuesday has been cancelled due to travel-related issues. Please use the online schedule for the most up-to-date programme at  https://smsociety16.sched.org/2016-07-12/overview/

2) Venue Change: It seems like folks really liked hanging out at the Rose Inn pub/pizza tonight; so instead of the Stretch (as indicated in the printed programme), let’s continue meeting informally at the Rose again (272 New Cross Road) at around after 7:30pm.

#SMSociety Organizing Committee