Come and Collaborate with the Social Media Lab

visiting scholar programThe Social Media & Society Conference is brought to you by Ryerson’s Social Media Lab. If you enjoy the conference, you will love collaborating with the Social Media Lab.

The Social Media Lab has a strong tradition of collaboration. We believe in bringing bright minds together and allowing research magic to happen!

Research is moving towards inter-disciplinary research teams. Social media, as an area of research, needs to be addressed through various theoretical and methodological perspectives. As a lab, we have been fortunate to be able to work with an international, multi- and  interdisciplinary team of faculty and student research collaborators from around the world.

In that tradition, we are excited to announce the introduction of the Social Media Lab Visiting Scholar Program in Toronto. The Social Media Lab is made up of an interdisciplinary network of scholars who eagerly address issues surrounding the impact and implications of social media on society.

With two funded and two self-funded openings for the program, visiting scholars will spend 1-4 months to further their own research at our Lab, as well as develop and complete a collaborative research project with members of the Lab. 


Link to more information about the exciting Social Media Lab Visiting Scholar Program.