For Authors

Submission Guidelines for Full Papers


For more info, see the ACM Master Templates page.

  • Reference Formatting Guide:
    1. CCS Concepts: Check that CCS Concepts are formatted correctly using the ACM CCS assignment tool available at:
    2. Quotation marks: Use double quotes throughout for quotes or when introducing a new term for the first time. Use single quotes within double quotes. E.g. Author X explains, “Social media is ‘changing’ society” [15].
    3. References: Only include references that are cited in the paper.
    4. In-text citations: add a space between multiple sources. E.g. Use [34, 45, 87] instead of [34,45,87].
    5. Double-blind: For initial submission, please anonymize your submission by removing any identifying information, including author’s information, acknowledgements, and funding declaration. Please add the author information when the paper is accepted for publication.
    6. Capitalization: Article title in title caps (e.g. Social Media in Society); Top-level headings in all-caps; Lower-level headings Title caps.
    7. Spelling: We encourage using US spelling for your submission, but this is NOT a requirement. For consistency, please use the same spelling style throughout your submission.
  • Page formatting:
    1. Page numbers: Do not add page numbers to the submission at this stage. If accepted, they will be added later
    2. Margin size: Top 2.89 cm, Bottom 2.82 cm, Left and Right 1.9 cm
    3. Columns: 2 columns at 8.47 cm with 0.85 cm spacing. On the last page, ensure columns are even.