2016 Workshop 4 – Using Instagram for Social Research – Analysis and Outputs

Abstract:  At the time of writing, there are limited examples of Instagram analysis, although there is an enthusiasm to conduct more research in this area. We would like to pitch this workshop towards those who have a high interest in using Instagram for social research but have low to medium skills in analysing and communicating the data.

We would also like to explore the idea of using the workshop format almost like a scaled down version of a data sprint or data hackathon to teach participants analysis skills.

This workshop would be particularly relevant to the conference themes of Big and Small Data, Social Network Analysis and Online Community Detection.

Pre-Workshop Prep:
No Prerequisites Required

Workshop Contacts:
Jessamy Perriam – [email protected]
Samantha Kaufman – [email protected] 
Andy Freeman – [email protected] 

Presenter Bios:

avatar.jpg.320x320pxJessamy Perriam is a MPhil/PhD student at the Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process (CSISP) at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her PhD project focuses on the involvement of digital devices in disruption. Previously, Jessamy gained an MA Digital Sociology from CAST at Goldsmiths, University of London where her final project focused on the impact of free wifi on the sociality of independent cafes.

Samantha Kaufman is a media studies graduate student in the school of Journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her thesis is focused on the limits of communication in creating social change. She is especially interested in what influences prosocial behaviors like gardening, and what changes can occur from different interventions in the food system. Samantha is also working with Instagram food photos and what they might say about privilege in both image composition and location of images.

07b221fAndreas Birkbak is a final year PhD Fellow in the Techno Anthropology Research Group at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark. His research is on mediated publics, controversies, digital methods and social media. Andreas holds an MSc in Social Science of the Internet from University of Oxford and an MSc in Sociology from University of Copenhagen.

Warren Harper8Andy Freeman is a lecturer Creative and Social Technologies in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London. His research interests include Visual Sociology, Structured Journalism and making digital interventions.