2015 Workshop 4: A Brave New #Journalism: Verifying User-Generated Content

Abstract: This half-day workshop delivers two modules from The SecDev Foundation training program, A Brave New Journalism, with the aim of introducing participants to investigative and verification techniques for using user-generated content in media.

Through activity-based instruction, participants engage with course material, applying knowledge shared through “teach-talk” directly in the workshop via hands-on activities.

Pre-Workshop Prep:

Presenter: Alicia Wanless (@lageneralista), The SecDev Foundation Strategic Communications Architect.  As Alicia sees it, two things have the ability to positively change society: information and communications. Working with The Foundation enables Alicia to enjoy the best of both worlds, disseminating reliable and crucial intelligence to those in need. With a varied professional background, Alicia has experience as a security consultant, project manager and communications specialist. Alicia has enjoyed working internationally, including in Russia and Nigeria.