2013 – Activities

Below are some of the things you can do in Halifax before and around the conference dates

Friday, September 13

Saturday, September 14

  • 9:00pm-midnight

Sunday, September 15

Other suggestions 

There are lots of things to see and do in Halifax. Check out the Nova Scotia Tourism website to get some ideas and plan your trip. Below are just some of our favorite spots.

7 things to see/do in your free time:

  1. Take a stroll on the Halifax Waterfront/Boardwalk and have lunch or dinner at Bishop’s Landing

  2. Visit the Halifax Farmers’ Market (check out the view from the roof) and try the craft beers at Garrison brewery
  3. Hike through Point Pleasant Park, try to find the historic fort inside the park

  4. Take a ferry ride (Alderney Ferry) across to Dartmouth (be sure to ask for a transfer ticket for your return trip) or take a boat tour in Halifax harbor

  5. Enjoy the Halifax city skyline from the Ferry Terminal Park in Dartmouth or from the Dartmouth Common
  6. Visit  the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site (Great views of the city)
  7. Visit local museums:

If you are renting a car, check out some of the sights near Halifax:

And if you have a bit more time: