2024 Poster Size Requirements


One of the highlights of the upcoming #SMsociety conference in London is the Poster Presentation. The poster session will provide an interactive forum for you to present and discuss your research with other conference attendees.


  • Poster Number: Write down your poster number on the back of the poster.
  • Poster Drop-off: Drop your poster off at the registration desk by 1:30pm on Wednesday, July 17 (Day 2),
  • Poster Setup: Our volunteers will set up your poster for you. 
  • Poster Session Time: Wednesday, July 17, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. When you exit your last session, please locate your posters on the wall and be ready to present during the poster session. 
  • Poster Takedown: You can take down the poster at the end of the poster session or leave it up for viewing on the following day of the conference. If you choose to leave your poster up, please take it down by the end of the conference on Thursday, July 18 at 5:30 pm. The staff will discard any posters left on the walls beyond this time. 



We suggest you print and bring your poster.  However, if you would like to order online and pick it up in London, here are a few print shops close to the conference venue: