Congrats to the winners of the #SMSociety Engagement Awards

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s conference. Your participation as reviewers, presenters and attendees is what makes #SMSociety such a supportive community of scholars and practitioners.

It was terrific to see the high levels of engagement across our various digital platforms including YouTube, Twitter and the conference website. On YouTube alone, we had over 50K impressions, over 7,000 views from nearly 2,000 unique viewers.

While some video presentations are no longer available (as per the authors’ wishes), many more talks and all full-papers are still available online. Check them out if you have not had a chance!

Now without further delay, we are delighted to announce winners of our two Engagement Awards for #SMSociety 2020:

Most Engaged Attendee on Twitter Award

In keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the conference and this year’s theme of “Diverse Voices”, the winner of the Most Engaged Attendee on Twitter Award is given to the person who acts as a bridging agent (with the highest betweenness centrality) in the #SMSociety communication network on Twitter between July 22–31, 2020.

Most Engaged Attendee on Twitter Award goes to Zoetanya Sujon (London College of Communication) – @jetsumgerl

Most Engaging Presentation Award

This award goes to the presentation that garnered the greatest number of comments on YouTube posted between July 22-31, 2020. There were many great talks in the running for this award. But one stood above the rest. As of August 1, 2020, the winning video presentation has received over 400 views with 86 comments and replies.

The Most Engaging Presentation Award goes to Jenna Drenten (Loyola University Chicago) and Pilar Castro González (Loyola University Andalusia) for “Social Media and the Meme-ification of Marketing: Exploring How Brands Interact with Consumers on TikTok”.

Congratulations, Everyone!