For Authors

Submission Guidelines for Full and WIP Papers

  • Submission Template:
  • Reference Formatting Guide:
    1. CCS Concepts: Check that CCS Concepts are formatted correctly using the ACM CCS assignment tool available at:
    2. Quotation marks: Use double quotes throughout for quotes or when introducing a new term for the first time. Use single quotes within double quotes. E.g. Author X explains, “Social media is ‘changing’ society” [15].
    3. References: Only include references that are cited in the paper.
    4. In-text citations: add a space between multiple sources. E.g. Use [34, 45, 87] instead of [34,45,87].
    5. Double-blind: Remove any identifying information, including author’s information, acknowledgements, and funding declaration. This will be added when the paper is accepted for publication.
    6. Capitalization: Article title in title caps (e.g. Social Media in Society); Top-level headings in all-caps; Lower-level headings Title caps.
    7. Spelling: We encourage using US spelling for your submission, but this is NOT a requirement. For consistency, please use the same spelling style throughout your submission.
  • Page formatting:
    1. Page numbers: Do not add page numbers to the submission at this stage. If accepted, they will be added later
    2. Margin size: Top 2.89 cm, Bottom 2.82 cm, Left and Right 1.9 cm
    3. Font: Title 17.5, Name 12, Affiliation and email 10, Headings 11, Text 9, Page number 7
    4. Columns: 2 columns at 8.47 cm with 0.85 cm spacing. On the last page, ensure columns are even.

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